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Intensive Driving Course In York

Taking an Intensive course is a way of completing your driving tuition in a very short space of time. Most people take weekly lessons and can take up to 6 months to pass their test.

You can complete your course in a matter of days depending on how many hours you have driven previously. We would suggest doing 4 hours of driving per day (any more than that and it can get very tiring) then take the Practical Test on the last day of your course.

The easiest way to work out how many hours you would need is based on how many hours you have done previously (if any). The longest course is 45 hours, which is the National Average for a learner to pass their test. Whatever previous hours of tuition you have had should be taken away from 45.

So for example :-

45 Hours – (previous experience) – 15 = 30 Hours Alternatively, we can take you for an assessment lesson to work out how many hours you would need.

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